How to Prepare Your Home

  • Many clients have us use their vacuum (if you would like us to use yours, please leave it out with the canister emptied). Otherwise, we will use our Shark.
  • Please minimize clutter as much as possible. You will get the most detailed cleaning this way. This helps us focus on the cleaning rather than ‘picking up’. We will not move large stacks of paper, toys, etc.
  • We do not move heavy furniture but will go around/slide easy to move pieces (example: end table, baskets, etc
  • If you have any products you would like us to use in particular, we ask that you provide them.
  • If you have any sensitivities to smells or products please let me know.
  • Pets: we love animals! With that said, we want to make sure they are safe and happy with us being in your home. Whether they roam free, caged or in day-care, it works for us. 

Just relax and let us do the work. 

What areas do you service?
We are based in Lake in the Hills, but happily travel to all local suburbs. For larger jobs, we are willing to travel an hour out. 
I don't know if I need a deep cleaning or not. How do you know?
I highly suggest to start out with a deep cleaning first. It covers all areas/details that we wouldn’t get on a regular cleaning. It also makes routine cleanings much easier. This is especially important for homes that have pets, children and a busier lifestyle. If you see dust on your baseboards and fingerprints on your kitchen cabinets, you can benefit from a deep cleaning.
How to you provide quotes?
We have a survey that we ask for you to fill out. We then look into the details and type up an individual quote via email. We base pricing off square footage and it is a flat rate. We do not charge per hour. Each home is unique in a way that pricing may vary. For commercial jobs, we must take a look at the property first.
Will the same person clean each time? Or will I get someone different?
When I created Bizzy Bees Cleaning, my idea was to build a bond with each family. It is important to me that you get to know who is coming into your home, the way they clean and build trust. Normally you will have the same tech. There may be a circumstance in which we will have to make slight changes, you will be notified right away. We complete background checks and go through a thorough screening process.
How long does it take for a cleaning?
Each home and size is different. We push for efficiency in a timely manner. We are not here to rush your cleaning but also do not want to be in the way.
What type of products do you use?
We are not a green cleaning company. With that said, we use a variety of products that get the job done (no Dollar Store products). My personal favorites are: Bar Keepers Friend, Magic Erasers, Dawn, Mr.Clean and microfiber rags. We can use more natural products, just let us know ahead of time. We want to make sure your family does not have any sensitivities or smells/products. If there is a certain product you would like us to use, we ask if you can leave it out for us.
What do you use on hardwood floors?
We always ask the client what they prefer. Again, each floor is different. I suggest warm water and a splash of Dawn soap (you can’t go wrong with that and does a great job!). I do not recommend any product on the floors as it can leave a build up overtime.
What if something was missed or I am not completely satisfied?
Customer service and satisfaction is most important to us. Please let me know within 24 hours of your cleaning so we can make it right. Do not be afraid to send me pictures. We will come back to fix the errors. I also keep a log of things we have missed in the past and things we can improve on. Your feedback is appreciated and much needed.

Terms & Conditions

Any cancellations less than 24 hours, will result in a $50 fee. All clients will receive an email with their scheduled cleaning. We really hate to do this, but our time is just as important as yours. We are dedicated to help you and understand things come up – but please understand that we have a business to run. 

DEEP CLEANINGS: We will now require a $50 deposit for all deep cleanings. This ensures that both of our times are taken seriously. This deposit will go towards the cleaning! More details will be sent via email once your deep cleaning is scheduled. 

*Deep Cleaning Deposit Effective On: Monday, Jan. 7th, 2019 

I am sorry for the added rules and hope everyone understands. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions to help clarify! 



Payments: are due at the time of service. We accept cash, check,  Chase Quick Pay, PayPal and Venmo.
There will be a 3% finance charge for any card payment.

Please make the checks out to: Bizzy Bees Cleaning

Regular Cleaning Vs. Deep Cleaning

Here is our general detailed list between a regular cleaning and a deep cleaning.
Note: detail/prices vary per family. We can only do these tasks if we are able to.

• Showers cleaned and disinfected
• Trash removed
• General dusting
• Toilets cleaned and disinfected, including the base and behind the toilet
• Vanity and sink cleaned
• Floors washed and disinfected, carpets and rugs vacuumed
• Mirrors cleaned
-> Shower​ ​door​ ​and​ ​tile​ ​given​ ​extra​ ​attention
-> ​Wipe​ ​down​ ​baseboards,​ ​clean​ ​doors/frames/handles​ ​for​ ​fingerprints
-> ​Picture​ ​frames,​ ​knick​ ​knacks,​ ​vases,​ ​etc.​ ​dusted

All​ ​rooms:
– Trash emptied
– Cobwebs removed

• Top and front of stove cleaned
• Fronts of fridge, dishwasher cleaned paying extra attention to handles
• Floors vacuumed and mopped
• Polish tabletops and chairs
• Microwave inside and out cleaned
• General dusting
• Countertops cleaned
• Sinks cleaned and disinfected, chrome polished
-> ​Outside​ ​of​ ​cabinets​ ​polished
-> ​Wipe​ ​down​ ​baseboards,​ ​clean​ ​doors/frames/handles​ ​for​ ​fingerprints

Living​ ​and​ ​sleeping​ ​areas
• Beds made
• Trash emptied
• Flat surfaces cloth dusted
• All readily accessible floors vacuumed
• Mirrors cleaned
• Picture frames dusted

• Windowsills and ledges wiped down
• Vents dusted
• Stairs and floors vacuumed
• Wood floors swept and mopped
-> Carpet​ ​edges​ ​vacuumed
-> Couches​ ​vacuumed
-> ​Blinds​ ​dusted
-> Clean/vacuum​ ​under​ ​the​ ​bed​ ​if​ ​feasible